Canadian disc dog clubs also host events and qualifiers for the following organizations.

AWI (Ashley Whippet Invitational )

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FDDO (Flying Disc Dog Open)

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UFO World Cup Series

The UFO was founded in 2000. Looking to add some fun to the incredible world of canine disc, the concept of a World Wide points series hadn't been tried. So the UFO got it off the ground. 

The first World Cup Series took place in the year 2001. In the beginning, the UFO didn't have a final event. They focused on their series, and at the end of their regular season, the team with the highest point total was declared the World Cup Champion. This format worked fine, however the UFO was always thinking about how to put together a great final to finish their season.

In 2006, the UFO held its first World Cup Final, in Scottsdale, Arizona. The competitors came from around the world to make this a truly special event.

The UFO has made strides with many "firsts" in the sport of canine disc. They were the first international organization a distinction they achieved with their events in Europe in 2001. They were the first organization to hold an event in China, and new countries are coming up all the time!

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