Airborne Disc Dog Club of Ottawa (ADDCO)

The Airborne Disc Dog Club of Ottawa is an Ottawa group of disc dog enthusiasts who enjoy playing disc (frisbee) with their canine friends.

Mission Statement

ADDCO has several primary goals revolving around the Disc Dog and their human partner, as well as the ADDCO Club. Ensuring a safe and healthy environment for disc play, and taking responsibility for safe training. To have fun with our dogs and enjoy the social aspects of the club, being kind and respectful to other members and visitors. To improve our handling and training of the dogs through encouragement and exchange of skills and assistance. Working together as a club to support new and existing members, and events from disc organizations. Having fun while winning placement prizes, titles and points for the dogs are benefits from being a part of the disc community and the ADDCO Club. All breeds can play disc as long as it is played safely.

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Calgary Disc Dog Club

We are a local Calgary disc dog club passionate about playing disc with our dogs and growing the sport in Calgary and surrounding areas.

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Canadian Disc Dog Association (CDDA)

The Canadian Disc Dog Association is the organization that sanctions trials and tracks points and titles for the sport of disc dog in Canada. If you have a dog that loves playing Frisbee then we encourage you to find out more about the CDDA and come out and compete.

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Disc Dog In The Maritimes

Disc Dog In The Maritimes is a Facebook group dedicated to the exciting sport of disc dog in eastern Canada.

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